VR for Wellbeing

Studio Bahia creates free therapeutic Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences for all ages.

Blue VR - a therapy for relaxation in a natural landscape, with flowers, trees, and river moving in a peaceful rhythm.

Purple VR - a therapy using the sublime to reduce anxiety, the sublime is incited by way of a journey around the galaxy and back to earth.

Red VR - is a therapy for people experiencing a natural or man made disaster and are in shock. A walks through a labyrinth provides a cathartic affect with the return of decision making and motor control.

Azure VR - a solution focused therapy where questions arise from obstacles along a path, lending to an understanding of current concerns, solutions, and the development of a vision for going forward.

Cyan VR - a therapy providing a surreal landscape to become familiar with parks, streets, and public space after a prolonged quarantine. It also offers proximity with people to overcome fears in the horizontal plane due to social distancing.

Green VR - a therapy for patients awaiting a medical procedure. The patient is able to rehearse what the day of their visit will be like. It reduces stress, worry, and anxiety and gives the patient confidence. Patients report feeling "emotionally supported" after having done this therapy.

Brown VR - is a therapy for temporal recalibration for schizophrenia, autism, and Parkinson's disease patients. It involves a walk in a park in which your motion determines the motion of the world around you, we added a volume control to self regulate degrees of slower and faster motion.

Yellow VR - is a therapy for children in pediatric care in which they are guided in a journey to see medical procedures in a different light. By changing the memory of visit to hospital, children remember the virtual experience over the trauma of many procedures.

Rose VR - a therapy for Amblyopia and Strabismus, known as Lazy Eye, this approach strengthens visual processing, encouraging the use of the weaker eye, and brings both eyes back to parity. The therapy is recommended for use 20 minutes a day for 12 weeks.

Orange VR - is a pain management therapy in which the patient plays a humming bird pollinating flowers. This therapy is used by burn victims during treatment at burn clinics and for needle procedures on children, it has shown to reduce the need for opioids to manage pain.

Sepia VR - a therapy for awake brain surgery, oral surgery, dental procedures, physical therapy, and other procedures. This is a soft distraction therapy with content centered in view even with head movement. The content is 300 stereograph cards of a world tour from a century ago.

Light VR - a training for natural childbirth, for regions and populations with low medical access due to geographic and cultural factors. The goal of managing the delivery process is to encourage safe births for mothers and infants and reduce maternal and infant mortality rates.

Pink VR - a therapy for chronic pain using Eugene T. Gendlin Focusing method, a powerful process for being in contact with our body in a gentle and specific way, while learning the wisdom held within pain and chronic symptoms so they may guide us into healing.

Aqua VR - a therapy for Alzheimer's disease, the light and sound stimulation technique, called Gamma ENtrainment Using Sensory Stimuli (GENUS), improved cognition and memory, prevented neurodegeneration, and reduced amyloid and tau protein buildups.

Amaranth VR - a training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a lifesaving technique useful in many emergencies, including a heart attack or near drowning. The training is to develop knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy with the use or without the use of a dummy.

Our mission is to produce therapies, training, and experiences in virtual reality that increase wellbeing. Our productions are always free and we fund operations by the sale of our mobile VR headset case at $25, for each sale we donate a headset to vulnerable populations. Studio Bahia is a 501c3 nonprofit, to make a donation visit: Network for Good or contact: info@studiobahia.org