Life Therapies in Virtual Reality

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The mission of Studio Bahia is making therapy accessible so we can address mental health crises, from epidemics of anxiety and depression to conditions caused by violence and trauma.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit made up of clinical psychologists, designers, and health specialists. We are dedicated to people and in the frontier of new discoveries in healing and well being.

Our story begins in early 2017 with children in refugee camps committing suicide and self mutilation as young as nine years old, we then began our research in responding to this situation. Since then we have received many request, such as a response to the high suicide rates of 1st responders by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to requests from Stanford Emergency Medicine International (SEMI) for all our therapies to be culturally adapted to their programs in Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Papau New Guniea, Rwanda, and Uganda.

We have twelve therapies in development, four of those therapies have the potential to revolutionize their medical field. Studio Bahia's therapies include chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, pain management, natural and man made disaster, refugee, temporal re-calibration for autism, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease patients, narrative exposure therapy, solution focused therapy, EMDR, and others.

By providing free access to therapy to millions of people using virtual reality cardboard headset and earphones with your mobile phone, we are able to begin to address mental health crises around the world. Our low cost model and efficient logistics allow us to reach affected and vulnerable populations at their location within days.

Below is our team, mentors, and contributors in the design, trial, and release of Studio Bahia therapies. For more information on the release and for orders and design requests please write to us at