Life Therapies in Virtual Reality

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The mission of Studio Bahia is making therapy accessible so we can address mental health crises, from epidemics of anxiety and depression to conditions caused by violence and trauma.

Our team of clinical psychologists, designers, and health specialists are dedicated to healing and well being. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, your donations provide vulnerable populations access to therapy.

Studio Bahia has 8 therapies in production for release in the 4th quarter of 2020. Your generous donation to Studio Bahia makes all our therapies possible and free to the public. You also receive the gift of a virtual reality headset to access all our therapies.

Blue VR - a relaxation therapy set in a garden with flowers and nature moving in a peaceful rhythm. Sounds and music are drawn out when viewing flowers and trees allowing for a deep state of relaxation. Sound and music therapy are provided by

Purple VR - a therapy using the sublime to reduce anxiety and regain a grounded view of the landscape and new possibilities. Sound and music therapy are provided by

Red VR - is a therapy for those experiencing a natural or man made disaster and are in shock. One walks through a labyrinth trying to find the end of the labyrinth, it provides a cathartic affect with the return of decision making and motor control.

Azure VR - a solution focused therapy where questions are posed along a path lending to an understanding of current concerns, solutions, and the development of a vision for going forward. Sound and music therapy are provided by

Cyan VR - a therapy providing a surreal landscape to become familiar with parks, streets, and public space after a prolonged quarantine. It also offers proximity with people to overcome fears in the horizontal plane due to social distancing. Sound and music therapy are provided by

Green VR - a therapy where hospital patients coming for a medical procedure are able to rehearse what the day of their visit will be like. It reduces stress and anxiety and gives the patient confidence in the time period between scheduling and date of procedure.

Brown VR - is a therapy for temporal recalibration for schizophrenia, autism, and Parkinson's disease patients. It involves a walk in a park in which your motion determines the motion of the world around you, we added a volume control to self regulate degrees of slow and fast motion.

Orange VR - is a pain management therapy in which the patient plays a humming bird pollinating flowers. This therapy is used by burn victims during treatment at burn clinics and for needle procedures on children, it has shown to reduce the need for opioids to manage pain.

Rose VR - a therapy for Amblyopia and Strabismus, known as Lazy Eye, this approach strengthens visual processing, encouraging the use of the weaker eye, and brings both eyes back to parity. The therapy is recomended for use 20 minutes a day for 12 weeks.

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Studio Bahia is a tax-exempt public nonprofit (federal tax ID #831788066). All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please contact us for placing large orders of virtual reality headsets for vulnerable populations at